If you are a typical client and require our Investigation services, it is likely you are in the legal sector, investment banking or have a business with overseas interests. Otherwise, it will be because you have an internal security issue. Our core services are listed below, but once we establish a working relationship with you we will be happy to discuss less mainstream activities.

If the information or material you seek is required at an evidential standard, we can deliver for you. Our staff have successfully investigated pan-European criminal and commercial fraud cases and are comfortable presenting to Court. Your investigation will always be managed by a senior partner or director with international investigation experience.


We will work directly with your legal team, advising on information or evidence collection capability and strategy. We can help you in the following ways:
  •    Witness locating
  •    Witness escort (nervous, vulnerable or reluctant witnesses)
  •    Evidence gathering
  •    Statement production
  •    Production of link analysis charting (examples available for viewing)
  •    Video and visual aids production
We can also act as witnesses ourselves where evidence has been gathered first-hand. If you have information you require, our operational staff are trained and experienced in professional debriefing of human sources, capable of producing clear and detailed reports and witness statements.

Our operational staff are expert in the art of gathering information to support your case argument. They become more valuable as the information becomes harder to obtain, such as in areas of high risk or where the witness is hard to locate.

Our analysts are trained in the art of producing tactical and strategic assessments using police standard software such as i2 Analyst Notebook, Maltego and more. This service can make all the difference to a lay jury and members of the bench. It utilizes impactful visuals and charts to represent timelines and explain complex ownerships, collaborations and relationships. We have previously used them to represent cabinets full of lever-arch files, their impact often the difference between winning and losing an evenly balanced case.

This part of our operations is explained in greater detail through its own Capability Statement, available on request. The service is provided through our subsidiary company LEGISX. Please see our Case Studies for a relevant example.


We will support your most complex civil or criminal investigations including pre-emptive strategies and post-incident management. We bring a systematic and evolutionary approach to protecting your assets and prevent, identify or rectify the problem.

Our casework portfolio includes investigations into fake Sheiks, fake Saudi Princesses and fake 'gold miners'. We have seen sophisticated strategies employed against experienced individuals, multi-nationals and even nation-states. In one case the fraudster was a front man for another country's corrupt activities.

We can assist in mitigating the damage done by professional fraudsters but it makes sense to have us on board prior to any investment. Please call us about our Background Checking service, which can prevent you taking expensive reactive action.

We specialize in conducting discrete, internal enquiries. If you suspect you have a security issue concerning one of your own staff, or with a business partner, we can support you using techniques such as Social Network Analysis. This can be very effective at forewarning management of impending Threats from within. Please see our Case Studies for an example of this.

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The Issue

The Client was considering litigation against a multi-billionaire with extensive business interests. The litigation would have been extremely expensive and very lengthy, with multiple other sensitivities in this case. This subject of the litigation ('X') had taken great care to hide his assets behind an army of advisors and front men. 'X' also employed people specifically to 'clean' his web presence and maintain his reputation.




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