We have a surveillance capability that we can deploy for you at short notice, either to conduct stand-alone observations or to support other intelligence activity. It is real, secure, lawful, cohesive and functional, co-ordinated by an experienced operations manager.

Any calculation of the wages and expenses required to mount effective mobile surveillance, will tell you what any provider already knows; covert mobile surveillance is expensive and requires a lot of resources. It can also be hazardous for the most experienced of teams, and particularly in a city. However, we do have our own capability and will recommend it to you if there is no other economic, less risky option.

We can deploy as a static, mobile or technical unit, and can enhance this capability with added manpower with sufficient notice. We do not do 'one-man follows', or any other activity that would put our staff at unnecessary risk or threaten our or your reputation or operational security. If you have a complex surveillance need beyond our in-house capabilities, we can co-ordinate this utilising other resources on your behalf.


This is the use of Anti- and Counter-Surveillance to detect whether you or your staff are the subject of surveillance.

Anti-surveillance is a series of drills you would perform to identify if surveillance was being conducted against you. It can easily be taught to inexperienced personnel, and is of particular use to staff deployed overseas wherever a Threat exists. This does not exclusively mean terrorists, but also sometimes political and criminal.

Counter-surveillance is the use of trained resources to learn more about who is watching you. It requires a high degree of skill but need not be expensive, depending on the Threat and response required. Outside of the UK, it can be a complex and risky business due to the legalities and logistics involved, so requires careful consideration.

The value of both responses is in protecting your staff, your assets and your reputation, and is considerably more cost effective than paying ransoms or damages. It is because competitors employ commercial surveillance contractors that you need to defend against it. Foreign governments, terrorists and criminals are another matter.

We can provide you with anything from half-day staff awareness seminars, to more bespoke training dealing with the Threats to your staff in a particular country or region. If the Threat is acute, we can provide on-the-ground operational support in the form of a counter-surveillance team. Please contact us if you are genuinely interested in exploring any of these capabilities further.

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The Issue

The Client was the owner of a successful business. She had received uncorroborated information that one of her ex-employees ('X') was actively trying to obtain commercially sensitive information about her business. 'X' had recently been sacked and had held a key position within the business. He was now apparently working for a competitor, and the allegation was that he was intending to obtain information about the Client's contract activity. He intended to do this by exploiting a previous 'friendship' with an existing employee ('Y') at the Client's business.




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