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Our Ethos

As you might expect from people with a heritage in serving the Crown, we place client confidentiality at the centre of our ethos. We combine this with a mission to always give you the product you need, in time for it to be of use. We aim to make this product of a consistently high standard, and always value for money.

Professionally, we embrace the Japanese concept of Kaizen, which means 'good change'. This is more than simply trying to find a better way of doing things; it also refers to the ideal of eliminating waste from our process in everything that we do. That includes our time and your money.

While we seek business success, we are just as likely to undertake your project because it interests us rather than its profitability. We are happy for you to try us out in that regard, particularly if it challenges us professionally and leads to further development of our methods and our staff.

The majority of our work is drawn from referrals and recommendations. We do not publish testimonials, but we do acknowledge you may want to reassure yourself before hiring us. We therefore encourage you to engage in a detailed discussion to examine our methodology and our success. We have a selection of case histories we can present to you, most of which are redacted to protect client confidentiality.


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