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Our Methods

The best intelligence in the world is worthless if it does not arrive in time for you to use it, and in a format that you can easily understand. We will carefully consider how we present to you as well as what we present. That may be a 5,000 word report or a series of charts with a much smaller narrative, but we will always be guided by the need for Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity.

Our initial engagement with you may well be the most important. We will help to frame your tasking to ensure you receive the product you really need. We will also ensure we have enough time to properly carry out that task.

It may interest you that we have both an operational and an analytical capability. This means you benefit from our control over security and quality. It also means we can deploy at short notice to provide a surveillance, counter-surveillance or intelligence gathering response for you. Our own operations room will then provide 24/7 intelligence support.

Within the engine room of the analysis cell are some impressive tools and portals into data warehouses. We have already written our own programs in support of data mining activities and Social Network Analysis (SNA). SNA will prove very valuable to you if you request a Threat and Vulnerability Analysis, as it examines relationships between various individuals and groups.

We do not sub-contract work to other companies without your consent. When we do need to utilise our global contacts, it may be to provide local insight. You can be confident that the assets we use will be well known to us and share our ethos. More importantly, they will be trusted.

We are happy to discuss most of our methodology with you if required, as it is the quality of our product that is hard to copy. Where we do not have the capability you require, we will almost certainly be able to recommend someone suitable that is known to us. If requested, we can then co-ordinate activities on your behalf to protect your position.


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