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Our Team

Our staff are professionals with backgrounds in intelligence gathering, investigating organized crime and asset protection. The principal members have served in specialist military and government agencies and have known each other for much of their professional lives, while our younger team members have all been talent-spotted for their skills, interests and character. This produces a family-type ethos, which in turn generates corporate loyalty and shared ethics.

We are seasoned all-rounders but each principal member has their own particular expertise. This promotes excellence and cohesiveness within the group. We understand how to apply our skills in the business world both for your protection, and to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Our operational element is experienced in conducting investigations, intelligence gathering and providing security advice across the globe. We have operated in many of the world's conflict zones over the years and have enriched our experience, knowledge and network as a result.

Our analysts are mostly younger but highly talented, using a wide range of tech tools to harvest and analyse open source (OSINT) and human sourced intelligence (HUMINT). Collectively, we share a passion for what we do and try and learn from each other as we tackle our assignments.


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