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The Client was a luxury hotel resort due to accommodate a delegation that attracted unwelcome protest action. The delegates represented an unpopular industry and were the subject of a continuous adverse social media campaign. They had attracted regular protest action over a period of years. Previous actions had taken the form of demonstrations and had resulted in property damage and arrests. Recent social media activity had threatened violent action at the right opportunity. The Client wanted us to assess the probability and scale of protest action against the delegates at its location.

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The Client had a well-run business and was about to take the next step up in a phased growth plan. The business was so successful it had started to attract the attention of larger competitors. There had been suspicions of low-level corporate espionage taking place, and this warranted fears of an escalation of this type of activity. The Client wanted a confidence check regarding his security systems and engaged us to audit and test those systems.

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The Client was the owner of a successful business. She had received uncorroborated information that one of her ex-employees ('X') was actively trying to obtain commercially sensitive information about her business. 'X' had recently been sacked and had held a key position within the business. He was now apparently working for a competitor, and the allegation was that he was intending to obtain information about the Client's contract activity. He intended to do this by exploiting a previous 'friendship' with an existing employee ('Y') at the Client's business.

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The Client was an investment bank with a potential investor willing to place a large amount of capital into their business. This individual ('X') was a high profile Eastern European businessman with political connections and reported links to organized crime. The Client wanted to know the reality of the situation before making a decision. The issue here was conflicting reports about the source of 'X's wealth, and the possibility of a 'smear campaign' by rivals jealous of his success. If the allegations of links to organized crime were true, then any investigation would bring increased operational risk to the investigation team.

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The Client was considering litigation against a multi-billionaire with extensive business interests. The litigation would have been extremely expensive and very lengthy, with multiple other sensitivities in this case. This subject of the litigation ('X') had taken great care to hide his assets behind an army of advisors and front men. 'X' also employed people specifically to 'clean' his web presence and maintain his reputation. The spread of his investments was vast, and involved hiding assets in countries difficult to access such as those controlled by African dictators and offshore tax havens. He also enjoyed the protection of a significant nation state, which probably provided security counter measures to alert him to investigative efforts such as ours. We were asked to lawfully catalogue 'X's assets so that an accurate assessment of worth could take place.

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