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Partner Authentication & Special Diligence Enquiries

We will authenticate your prospective business partners, either within the UK or overseas. This can include commodity specific analysis or on-the-ground foreign enquiries in difficult environments. We do not intend to replace chartered professionals as part of any formal takeover or KYC process. Our value is in acting in support of them to obtain additional insight or obtain commercial intelligence in difficult subjects and locations.

We have saved clients considerable expense by assisting them in the early stage of a potential deal. The earlier you engage us, the sooner we can advise on the legitimacy of an investment or individual and so avoid unnecessary expense. In a post incident reaction, we will always be ready to identify and locate the individuals concerned and help restore your losses. However, it makes sense to have us on board prior to any investment.

Asset Tracing/Profiling

You may require an idea of a prospective partner or adversary's wealth. We have successfully and discreetly profiled and catalogued the assets of Ultra High Net Worth individuals. This profiling can help you avoid costly litigation by providing leverage. We will also help you avoid considerable losses through proving corrupt activity or association prior to potential investment.

Background Checks

We conduct Background Checks on your potential employees or trading partners. You can choose from three different levels of research to suit your needs, dependent on need and timescale. We will authenticate professional qualifications, personal and business history, addresses, conduct Social Network Analysis (SNA) and perform an adverse media search so you can be confident you are dealing with people you can trust.

Commercial Property Investments

If you are an investor or vendor, acting own your own or as part of a group, we can authenticate the properties, land or partners to protect your investment. If your intended acquisition is overseas, we will utilize our local contacts to recommend trusted agents and provide a reliable history.

We can also support your own analysts to provide the broadest coverage for significant investments. Both the Commodity Industry and Investment Banking have benefited from our support in highly specific subject matter. We do not have a definitive view of all the markets, but we do know where to go for the information. Sometimes, our purpose might be to add insight or validate what you already believe. Please contact us to see how we can help you in this regard.


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