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Global Reach

Regardless of the size or location of your business interests, our Intelligence support will protect your assets and provide a commercial advantage. We are connected to a global network of in-country associates. They will deliver expert local insight and conduct checks for you with speed, discretion and efficiency. We will not normally use anyone we do not already know, but it may be unavoidable or desirable through operational necessity. However, it will never happen without your full authorization.

The Intelligence Process

We will gather data, convert it into information and then produce intelligence to support your decision-making. This process of transforming information into intelligence is what separates information gatherers from intelligence professionals. It provides insight and understanding, and assigns value to information. It is only achieved by combining a methodical process with experienced professionals. That service is available to you on two different levels, Strategic and Operational, both within the UK and overseas.

Risk Assessments

We encompass Risk Assessments in all our operations to protect our staff and your reputation. Maintaining discretion is a critical factor as is retaining your confidence. Operational Security is part of our organizational DNA, but we will encourage you to contribute to any formal Risk Assessment so you are properly informed.

Case Intelligence Requirements

We are content to simply take instructions, but there is much to be gained by allowing us to help frame 'The Question'. With our knowledge of what can be achieved, in what timeframe, at what cost and risk, it makes sense to allow us help shape your Intelligence Requirements. We can interact with you at any level to ensure you are setting realistic aims to support your overall objective.

Geo-Political & Country Briefs

Our reports and assessments will be tailored to suit your needs, achieved from our own resources and supplemented with in-country reporting. We produce assessments which try to envisage what tomorrow will look like, not just report what happened yesterday. This will help you to plan and anticipate more accurately. This might be useful to a logistical business to assist operational planning, or a manufacturing enterprise seeking advice on where to locate. The analysis will be informed by input from our local partners and considers such factors as: criminal, terrorist, political and environmental.

HUMINT Operations

Most of our operatives are qualified to debrief and validate Human Intelligence Sources. Some of us go well beyond 'qualified' and have operated in criminal, counter terrorist, political and commercial scenarios. If you require a source of information, we can potentially identify a suitable source, plan an approach and contact and debrief that source on your behalf. How we achieve that we are happy to discuss with genuinely interested parties.


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