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Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

It is unlikely you will be capable of identifying a complete Threat Spectrum from your own resources. Therefore you cannot be expected to identify all your vulnerabilities. Our worldwide experience combined with detailed knowledge of your operations will allow us to compile a comprehensive Threat and Vulnerability Assessment and map your organizational vulnerabilities. This will then allow you to protect your assets more effectively.


We supply our security services to you in partnership with our colleagues at Design Security Ltd, acknowledged leaders in the field of security design. We have experience of working on several high profile projects at LONDON 2012 and recently across the Middle East/North Africa region. Together, we combine the best of our experience for the protection of your assets, whatever the Threat, whether from criminal, political or terrorist sources.

Security Design

We can advise you at the design stage of new builds to help you achieve effective physical protection of an installation or building. Our attraction to you is that we supply only expertise. As independent consultants we have no interest in selling costly or unnecessary security paraphernalia as part of other 'corporate services'. Many large construction companies have a vested interest in pushing the latest trend in physical security. Our services mean economy for you through prevention of expensive re-builds and works services at a later stage.

Protective Surveys & Pentests

We will audit the effectiveness of your organization's security resilience from the inside, or from the outside to stress-test your resilience. While much of the PENTEST industry will simply assess your IT defences, we will give you a true assessment of the 3-dimensional Threat to include your Physical and Personnel Security measures. Insiders with a password and a bad intent can normally cause more damage than an unknown adversary.

Crisis & Risk Management

We can help develop your Crisis Management strategies and operational procedures to include environmental disaster and street crime. We may operate with trusted partners to support some operational delivery, but we will always be your first point of contact and manage the case through to completion. As an international traveller or trader, we will be your safety net and can co-ordinate a protective security response where there is a physical risk to you or your family.

Travel & Overseas Security

We can provide you travel security briefings and ongoing support, either remotely or 'on the ground' by accompanying you on your journey. In an ever-changing world, Googling the country and your business partners, or checking the FCO website simply isn’t enough and will leave you exposed. UK legislation such as The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act (2007) and The Bribery Act (2012), both require you to do more than simply publish company policy. If you want to protect your business from prosecution you will need to demonstrate considered compliance. You will also need to understand the implications of equivalent legislation overseas, which may differ from the UK.

If your staff conduct business overseas they may come to the attention of hostile governments or criminal organizations. This is aside from the usual hazards associated with street crime in many cities and regions where the level of policing is inadequate. It is widely accepted that a period of surveillance will normally pre-empt a terrorist or criminal attack, even at the lowest level. We can train your staff in general awareness skills to help detect if they are the subject of unwarranted surveillance, and then to take evasive action. This is considerably cheaper and certainly more favourable than dealing with the fallout resulting from a hostile attack. Please see our 'Surveillance' services for more detail.


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