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What We Provide

We can provide you with training services in the UK at our facilities, or at yours regardless of where it is in the world, for your convenience.

Our experience is in designing and delivering training for both novices and experienced operators. We have a wide range of ready-made modules or can conduct a Training Needs Analysis and design something bespoke for your services.

If we have described a service that is available from us, the likelihood is that we can deliver an aspect of it to you to be used in-house. This can have cost-related benefits by developing your own capability instead of having to contract it out.

The extent of our training library is too vast to list here, but some of our most commonly requested subjects are listed below:

Open Source Research

How to efficiently plan and research subjects using open source information (predominantly the Internet). The untrained researcher will rely on GOOGLE and resources such as WIKIPEDIA and social media for much of their information. They do not understand how advertising and search engine popularity will affect the accuracy of their enquiries.

Benefit: Your staff will obtain more accurate information, more efficiently.

Interviewing Skills

Not in the evidential sense, but how to extract information from individuals using a systematic method to obtain all relevant details.

Benefit: Your staff will operate more professionally in their dealings with customers or the public. They are more likely to harvest all relevant information in their process.

Investigation Skills

Basic methodology to conduct in-house investigations for any purpose (non-regulated).

Benefit: Your staff will conduct a more professional, insightful investigation which will determine the real cause of the problem or issue.

Intelligence Practice

Understanding of The Intelligence Cycle (model), its Principles and specialist techniques to turn data into information and then produce intelligence from that.

Benefit: Your staff will be able to converse with other Intelligence professionals in a language specific to the industry. Also, provide insightful intelligence to inform your decision-making.

Surveillance Detection

Basic-Advanced threat understanding and awareness. Introduction to basic surveillance techniques as practiced by criminals, terrorists and hostile government operators.

Benefit: Your staff will be capable of identifying and evading hostile surveillance when it is directed at them. This means they are less likely to become victims, casualties or statistics.

Travel Safety & Survival

If you have staff that travel infrequently or regularly overseas, you will have a duty of care and possibly a statutory obligation to them. This will be to take all reasonable steps to keep them safe and avoid any fraudulent activity, either under UK or foreign law. We can provide bespoke packages to encompass driving, navigation skills and First Aid amongst others, to keep them safe and build their confidence.

Benefit: Your staff will have a much higher chance of avoiding or mitigating a life-threatening incident while travelling or operating overseas.

Risk Manager, Business Continuity & Incident Response

Statistics show that the vast majority of businesses without a Business Continuity Plan, who suffer a catastrophic incident, do not recover. We will work with your staff to assist in generic planning and develop your own response plans to Threats to your business. We will also help identify those Threats, wherever they are in the world.

Benefit: Your business will become more resilient and agile in response to an unexpected incident, disaster or other Threat. This means you will be more likely to avoid catastrophic losses and will enhance your business profile.


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